Class Rules and Procedures for October LOAD

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith


Please be seated ScrapHappy Class of 2014.  It’s almost time for our “semester” to begin! First things, first…add yourself to the Flickr group HERE.


On October 1st (and all subsequent days in October) go to  directly for your prompt.  You will not need a password on the first day.  Super secret password to be given after the start. Prompts are posted each day at midnight EDT. The prompt will eventually go to your email inbox as a Scrap Happy update, but not immediately when posted. It may be several hours until it shows up in your inbox.

THE FASTEST WAY TO GET YOUR PROMPT IS TO GO DIRECTLY TO SCRAPHAPPY.ORG  to get your inspiration and start scrapping. (Click the BLOG tab, enter password  – after the first day – and you are GOLDEN!) NOTE: This procedure is slightly different than our regular LOADS.

Other important details:

Please post daily with your FLICKR TITLE named to correspond to the date. For example, October 1st = LOAD1  – ALL CAPS NO SPACES – simple! If you need help with Flickr uploading, check out Lain’s YouTube video tutorial HERE.

Some of our own scrapsisters have been called to be Class Representatives and will be featured as guest designers throughout the month.  Be on the lookout for them!  We also have a Pep Squad to cheer you on and Study Hall Tutors to coach you through those challenging scrappy days.

**Please be sure to cheer, view, and comment on as many layouts each day as time allows – you will be inspired & expand our community when you get to know everyone better!**

We will follow the same “rules” as instituted by Lain that are detailed HERE. (Please disregard FAQ #1 about signing up 🙂  If you are reading this email you are part of Scrap Happy and you only need to add yourself to the the Flickr group using the link above to participate.)

In a nutshell, you must post a layout everyday by midnight Pacific time.  Use this time converter if you need help figuring out your post deadline.

You have the option of following the prompts or not,  but you MUST post everyday to be eligible for the grand prize. All eligible LOADsters’ names will go into a random drawing.  This is where adding the appropriate title to your layouts becomes critical.  If you don’t title them, we can’t find them!  If anyone is interested in contributing to the prize patrol, please let Leslie or Lynnette know.

Check out the Flickr discussion board and the Facebook group for the opportunity to “pass notes” with your classmates.   Both outlets are great resources for FAQs, a lifeline to support if you lose your mojo and other fun surprises along the way!

Happy scrapping!  Questions?  New to ScrapHappy? Never participated in a LOAD?  Feel free to email us! [email protected] or [email protected]

Class Dismissed until October 1st!

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