Class of 2014: Class Clown

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith

There’s always one in every grade…a Class Clown!  The attention-getting, prankster who seems to get away with the gags.

Today’s ScrapHappy Class Representative is…


Here’s her take on today’s prompt:


Lesley writes, “When I read my prompt I was completely unsure how to interpret it, that is, until I remembered that this little family of 3 has two clowns of its very own!!! This pair will create “funny” from just about anything so how could I resist making them the subject of my layout.
On our road trip around Florida last year I turned around to find them having hilarious fun and ingenious imagination with my camera tripod and just had to snap that pose!”

Thank you for sharing your silly and fun layout with us, Lesley!

Today’s Prompt:  Scrap about something funny!

Here are some ideas to ponder:

  • Were you ever involved in a practical joke?
  • a favorite sit-com
  • a time you laughed so hard you cried

Be sure to upload your layout to the Flickr gallery using the title LOAD27.

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