Guilty by Barbra Streisand (with Barry Gibb) has a gorgeously simple album cover of the two of them holding each other, wearing white clothes against a white background. Make a page using white on white. Too extreme for you? How about a monochromatic page using your favorite color?

Barbra Streisand Guilty

You can see the album cover and listen to the entire album here:

This prompt inspired THREE different pages from Carol!




Some thoughts from Carol:

My favorite thing about LOAD is that there are so many ways to interpret a prompt. This one was incredibly inspiring to me. I can’t believe I made three pages from a single prompt! First I went for the white monochromatic. I love the main paper from My Mind’s Eye Nob Hill collection with the medallions on it. I used a punch to recreate the feel of that paper with white on white cardstock. Once I was done, I added a bit of shine to the title J&K as well as the word sticker “family” just to make them both stand out just a little. I love that the white layout helps your eye focus on the my cute cousins.

Next, I made “Guilty” copying the album title. Fun pictures of me as a little kid getting into the cupboards where I probably shouldn’t have been. I know I have more photos of my own children with a GUILTY look….do I feel yet another page coming on?

Last, I loved the monochromatic look so much that I tried one more. At least once a week my family ends up wearing all the same color on the same day. I don’t know how or why; we don’t discuss it, and we all leave the house at separate times. This time it was aqua and it was such a gorgeous autumn day that we went to the park to take photos. I love how using just one color – in multiple shades gives such a cohesive feel to a layout.

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