Musical Inspiration: Olivia Newton John

Time to check out a Performer! How about…

Olivia Newton John! From “Grease” to “Let’s Get Physical” and her brave and public breast cancer battle…she is an inspiration to us all, in one way or another. How does your story relate? Tell it now.

Today’s sample is brought to us by Valerie:

Inspired by Olivia Newton-John Page by: Valerie Smith
Inspired by Olivia Newton-John Page by: Valerie Smith

She’s a got a few suggestions for you:

Are you stuck?  Start with “I Honestly Love You” or “Let Me Be There” and just add memories of young love. She practically inspired a generation to put on tights, leg warmers and headbands for the new aerobics craze. How about a little “Magic”?

The musical Grease is a top 10 favorite for many. It generated hits like “Summer Lovin’ “, “Hopelessly Devoted” and “Grease”, but it is the energy of “You’re The One That I Want” that keeps many of us playing the last ten minutes of that movie over and over until we are singing and dancing. (Maybe that only happens at my house?)

Working on my youngest son’s senior album with a deadline means I have to stay on task this LOAD. Twist that prompt until it fits!  “You’re The One That I Want” was the inspiration for the layout, although I didn’t use it in the title. I am keeping it simple…so I don’t look back in a few years and see the “trends” when I really want to remember “the senior”.

This photo practically gives me chills… and they’re multiplying! I took a spiritual twist on the theme of knowing who you are and the direction you are headed. The scripture is the journaling. In Grease, Sandy and Danny figure it out in the end. Do you have a child “figuring it out”, too? Do you have your own epiphany story?

Do your thing. Make your magic.  We can practically hear your pages talk!

Now it’s your turn to make the prompt work for you! Add your page to the Flickr gallery today!

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