Hip Hop

We’re back to Genre and Style today, after a week of musical MAYhem. How are you doing? Feeling energized or drained? Let’s see where today’s prompt takes us.

Cue the music: “I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie, To the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop” LOTS of options for you today! What do you think of? Hip Hop? Rapper’s DELIGHT? A bunny hopping? Hippies? The end of disco? GO!

We’ve got a delightful sample from Connie today:


The story behind the page:

Coming up with the prompt, my initial thought was to do a page about Hip Hop music, but as I was searching for a photo for different project, I spied the cute pic of my then 3-year old with her bunny ears and knew I had just taken one this year! So from hip hop, my brain went to hopping bunny and her cute little tiara bunny ears! Where will the prompt take you today?!

And a few detail shots for you:


You can add your page for today in the Flickr gallery. While there, make sure to stop by and catch up with your scrappy sisters!

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