Thank goodness for lyrics on Liner Notes!

“Oh, that’s what he said!” The liner notes were the best way to settle the dispute over what the actual lyrics were. Scrapbook your own misunderstanding or scrapbook a dispute or battle instead. How do you solve a disagreement?

Today’s page is brought to you by the wonderful Alice:unnamed

She says:

On this layout I wanted to share a story about a misunderstanding my brother had when he was little. He was in such a rush to tell his stories that he started combining words to create brand new ones. This most commonly happened with, “Do you know what” and it soon became “Junowhat”. It was so funny when we realized he thought that it was actually a word! To add some of the fun from the story into my layout I used many colourful layers of paper and an informal layout design with random scatterings of embellishments.


What have you mis-heard lately? Go make a page and share it in the Flickr gallery! While you’re there, don’t forget to add some comment love!

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