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Time to check out the Cover Art in your music collection!MI0001466313

What was your favorite album as a teen? Incorporate it into your layout with color and font inspired by the album.

Today’s page is brought to you by Heather T:


The story behind the page:

We love music in our house. You just have to look at all the instruments, lessons, and sheet music to realize that we move to the beat of our own drums. Growing up in a very conservative home that thought rock music was bad, it is no surprise that I love this song by Doucette, “Mama Let Him Play”. My guys love to play music, so it was such a treat to let them play with the band instruments at their uncle’s house. I truly feel that as a parent it is my job to let the boys find the type of music they love and will enjoy for the rest of their lives. Luckily for me it is a lot of the same music that their Dad and I enjoy. The original album is done in neutral colours and has a picture of the artist looking over a boy playing with a guitar. I felt that by putting my words, it is like I am looking over my boys as they play. And by saying “so she did it,” is my permission to find that music that makes their hearts sing.

Now it’s your turn to create a page. When you add it to the Flickr gallery, leave a little love behind too!

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