What was the most popular song when you were born? Or when you were married? What kind of memories does that song bring up for you?

Here’s a page by the charming Carol:


To say I didn’t have the wedding of my dreams would be a gross understatement. We were engaged for only five days and were married in a crappy little hotel room. My husband and I each have one sister and neither one came to our wedding. Heck, I even wore a poofy green prom dress!

Every time I heard the popular song Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden that year, I was reminded that it didn’t really matter that our wedding was kind of ridiculous. It only mattered that we loved each other.

For our one year anniversary, we gave ourselves the reception we didn’t get to have…complete with an actual wedding dress, flowers, and a photographer. But unfortunately, still no sisters!

You might notice the journaling seems to be missing. The space under the photo will have some rather personal information about that first crazy year. And how we loved each other through it to create A Charmed Life.

Let’s see what was popular for you. Post in our Flickr Gallery and spread some ScrapHappy love!

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