Musical Inspiration: Elton John

Let’s talk about Performers!

Sir Elton John is another great performer with a song to inspire everyone. From the fun of “Crocodile Rock” to the heartbreak of “Candle in the Wind”, he writes the songs that make us remember where we were when we heard them. Where were you?

Today’s sample comes from the wonderful Valerie:

Inspired by Elton John
Inspired by Elton John

A few thoughts from Valerie:

There are so many to love…including the songs from The Lion King.  The Lion King was a redemption show for Elton John – giving new life to his career after some rough spots. It was a show we saw at the Cadillac Theater in Chicago. Memories start brewing.

So many of the songs were amazing, but “Hakuna Matata” was perfect for a Senior year album page about my son and his best friend. It was simply irresistible.  Meet my very own “Pumba & Timon”.

Do Elton John’s songs take you back to “holding hands and skimming stones” as a teen? Is there one perfect for life right now? Is Elton not your favorite… but there is “that one song” that is a secret, guilty pleasure?

Sir Elton…you earned your knighthood, one song at a time. Some inspiration from his “Your Song”:

“I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world”

You can rock this prompt! Can you feel the love tonight?

Add your take to the Flickr gallery! Spread some love, too. Sir John would approve.

3 thoughts on “Musical Inspiration: Elton John”

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  2. Valerie – The way you approach these prompts is just amazing! What a great page and I enjoyed reading your thoughts too…you definitely gave me some things to think about while I work on this prompt.

    1. Thanks Susan! I love the twist and making the prompt fit the story that has gone untold. I am in the thick of Graduation this week. Still, in the busy- it the relationships that matter. These two are the best of friends. I am so glad YOU are here!

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