Musical Venues

Talking about being On Stage, how about the stage itself?

The venues for concerts and other events can be layout inspiring. Some arenas are very linear, and others are old, curvy and architecturally interesting. From opera hall to a county fair, venues are part of the story. Sometimes, the venue creates the story. Let a venue inspire your layout.

Valerie’s got a lovely sample for you today:

Prom is all about venue. Layout by: Valerie Smith
Prom is all about venue. Layout by: Valerie Smith

A few thoughts behind the page:

What is it about the location that matters to the event or the theme?  The prom theme this year was “Vintage” and the venue was a small town banquet hall that is square like the layout.  The hall was decorated with a vintage flair. Try using the language of your layout to help tell the story, too.  “Dapper” is a bit of a vintage term that accentuated the feel of the layout to fit the theme. There are many ways to reflect a “venue” from the actual location to the emotion, colors and social rules of a certain location. Stretch, twist…or line everything up in a neat line. It’s your venue to create. Do whatever suits the story you want to tell.

Got any venues you want to document? Today’s the day to do it! After you share it in the Flickr gallery, make sure you leave a few comments behind as well. Everyone appreciates it when you do!

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