Liner Notes

Let’s look at some Liner Notes for inspiration for today’s prompt:

Remember how you could slip the lyrics in and out of CD and tape cases? Was’t it fun discovering what the artists decided to include with their albums? Make a pocket on your page to hold your journaling or photos.


Today’s pocket-y goodness is brought to by Heather D who says:

I have had these Smash Book pockets sitting in my stash for ages, and have been looking for an excuse to use them. Today’s prompt was the perfect reason to get one out of my stash and onto a page. In¬†building this page, I used one of the kits I created as part of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. At one point, I decided I needed to have a green border on each side of the scalloped paper, but the baker’s twine in the kit was too delicate. To beef it up a bit, I got out a small crochet hook and chained a strip for the top and bottom of the paper. It adds just the right touch, don’t you think?

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