Do you have a mix of songs for driving? For cleaning house? For scrapbooking? For relaxing? How does music affect what you’re doing?


Carol made today’s page and she says:

One of my favorite mixes on my phone is “Sixties & Seventies”. I listen to this mix when I need to get some work done around my house – it helps keep me moving and even helps my kids chip in to get stuff done fast.

I had been sorting a bunch of older photos after a cleaning binge that included the song  Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas. I came across these fun photos of my oldest son. He was always taking a kung fu type stance whenever the camera came out. Such a funny random memory that I’m not sure I would have remembered had it not been for listening to that song earlier in the day.

I used a few different oranges and a bit of black and turquoise – reminiscent of the era of the song. Fun when a song can even inspire your product choices!

Put on some tunes and get scrapping! Post in the Flickr Gallery and share some loving with your Scrappy Sistahs!

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