To DIE For

Let’s take a closer look at the Liner Notes for today!

The album liner was to DIE for, filled with more pictures and details about our teenage heartthrobs. Use a DIE cut to give your page the feel of an album liner, since we all know the album liners are the scrapbooks of our record albums.

How about this gorgeous page from Valerie?

Layout by Valerie Smith
Layout by Valerie Smith

She’s got a few words for you today:

The dies in this sample are digital and were added quickly to the page.  A glitter heart and die cut letters add something extra. In this case, dimension and sparkle. You don’t use dies?  How about something “to die for” in your world you would like to get recorded. Maybe you have a picture in a tie dyed t-shirt for a twist on the prompt. That thought opens up so many more possibilities.  Do you remember reading the album liners over and over looking for details about your music heartthrobs? Aren’t die cuts, like album liners, all about the details? Have fun with this one. Don’t stress. Remember, every page completed is a victory.

As always, the Flickr gallery is THE place to share your page for today! Don’t forget to leave some love while you’re at it!

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