Pop-Up Video

Today’s Cover Art goes beyond the album to the video screen!

pop up video

Pop-up Video! This was an MTV classic. As you watched the music video, snippets of info would ‘pop up’ about the musicians, the song, the set and more. Share the info nuggets of your story using speech bubbles.

Today’s page is brought to you by Alice:


The story behind the page:

When I was a baby I couldn’t stand to touch the grass. My parents were amused by this peculiarity and thought there had to be at least one photo of the poor little baby, laying on the grass, trying to make as little contact with it as possible. Seeing this photo makes me laugh and I thought it would be fun to create a layout from my perspective, the speech bubbles were a perfect fit. As an extra embellishment, I added cut layers of paper to resemble grass and added a sign to the lawn as a protest.



How fun is that? Now it’s your turn to add a page to the Flickr gallery!

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