Broadway Show

Have you ever felt like your life was On Stage?

Every life is full of many stories; if your life was “Live on Broadway”, what would the show be titled?

Check out this great page from Valerie:

Show Title: Some Kind of Wonderful Layout: Valerie Smith
Show Title: Some Kind of Wonderful
Layout: Valerie Smith

She’s got a few ideas for you:

Would your life be drama, comedy or a fairy-tale? Think about show titles and how they evoke an emotional response. Wicked?  Beauty and the Beast?  Maybe, Cats would be your show? How about Survivor or Superwoman? 

Rent? Twist it to tell the feelings of finally purchasing your own house after renting for many years. Is your life A Series of Unfortunate Events ( I hope not) or just a season?  It is okay to document the “real life” hard stuff, too.

Would you take your show name from a song title or write your own song. I chose to do another simple layout with a song title for the “name of the show”.  “Some Kind Of Wonderful” seemed right…and I had the graphic in my Digi tool kit. Even with the trials that come and go, life is pretty special and worth documenting.

Still thinking?The Brady Bunch? Lost? Ghostbusters? Another prompt that is full of possibilities.

Can’t wait to see your finished layouts on opening night!

Time to add your page to the Flickr gallery!

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