Her Name Was Rio

Today’s prompt is all about Cover Art. Let’s see what we’ve got:


Duran Duran was THE teeny bopper band of the 80s, and they knew how to use art on their album covers. Remember Rio? That’s the album with the woman’s portrait by Nagel on the cover. Let’s take our cue from that and make a page with a huge self-portrait or portrait of someone you love.

Our sample page today is brought to you by Heather D:


The story behind today’s page:

Finding a large photo that was inspiring was difficult for me today. I started using one photo (which you saw earlier¬†this month) but it just didn’t have enough impact, so I went back to my photo files. There I found this sketch that my father made of me shortly before he died. Perfect! It’s even from the same general era as the Rio album. The Love is a wood veneer that I’ve added some foil leafing to, and then backed with green vellum to carry the green elements throughout the page.

Now it’s your turn! Go make a page and add it to the Flickr group here. Don’t forget to spread some joy too! That’s what makes this such a wonderful place!

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