Private Pirate Preview

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith


Listen up, ye yellow-livered scurvy bunch o’ shark bait! This is Cap’n Fussycut speakin’. I be bringin’ ye the keys to October LOAD – A Pirate’s Life For Me…

First off, if ye ain’t put yer mark on the Flickr group here ’tis the link:[email protected]/  And we’d best be seeing yer pirate mug on there, too, buckos! I heard tell ye were a pertic’larly crafty bunch so me’s thinkin’ ye can come up wit somethin’…

Second, I be joinin’ ye for a newfangled bit o’ fun – ScrapHappy Hour Tuesday 9/29 at 7 PM Pacific/10PM Eastern to be seen here:

Fer the crew who never sailed afore, ye’ll be gettin’ yer sea legs in no time! The seasoned crew members ere always a-lookin’ out fer ye so put up yer posts on the discussion board so’s they ken come to yer aid…

If there be interest in sharin’ yer thoughts on makin’ ready to set sail on the Jolly Sista, add yer two dubloons to the Flickr discussion “Preparing for Piracy” here:[email protected]/discuss/72157656637109034/

I be thinkin’ ye should be knowin’ that yer daily post has been stripped to it’s leanest & will show a photo to inspire ye along wit a story, product & image prompt. These be helpin’ to spark ye in a few different directions on yer creative compass by usin’ any or all…

We also be spotlightin’ some of the First Mates. Some be showin’ ye their version o’ the postin’ fer the day, other times they be givin’ ye tips on stowin’ yer gear or givin’ a tour o’ their own scrap bunks, so don’t be missin’ any o’ that…

Don’t be forgettin’ – we be settin’ sail prompt-ly at midnight Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, 1st October! Make sure ye safely stow yer own unique password in yer treasure chest so there be no palpitations when yer prompt arrives. Sharpen yer scissors, stock up on supplies & prepare to pillage & loot yer stash!

Cap’n Fussycut

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