LOAD1015 Day8 X Marks the Spot *GIVEAWAY CHANCE*

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith


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Every Thursday we will have an organizing tip from one of the sistas! Today it is   The Very Basics of Organizing Digital Photos for the Overwhelmed Scrapbooker with…

Guru Melissa Shanhun

Featured First Mate: Swabbie Melissa Shanhun aka Gail “Loud Limey” Consumptive “The Horror of Coconut Island!” This pirate be putting you in Davy Jones’s locker to swim with the fishes!

Melissa has generously offered a GIVEAWAY of Get Organized: Photos (valued at $42!) Any page posted between 12:01 a.m. -to 11:59 p.m.  Eastern Daylight Time October 8 will be entered in a drawing for the prize.

Here’s what she has to say about Get Organized: Photos:

“Have you got a camera, smart phone, DVDs of scanned images or all of the above? If you feel like you have so many photos you don’t know what to do you are in the right place. After helping hundreds of people organized their photos, I’ve noticed the same questions coming up:

  • I have oodles of photos! How do I organize the backlog?
  • How do I keep it up? I don’t want to fall behind again!
  • How do I find what I want when I want it?

In five lessons, we’ll spend 15 minutes working on the core areas of organizing:

  • Gathering photos from all your cameras and devices
  • Importing them into Photoshop Elements Organizer
  • Setting up a system for new photos
  • Documenting who, what, where and when automagically
  • Setting you up for success so you have your photos in hand when you are ready to scrap

With a little help from me, you will create a system so that your favorite photos are easy to find!”

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