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Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Our featured ScrapHappy member for May is Alison Day.

SH Scrapper ShowcaseThis is our chance to get to know our scrappy sisters a little better.

We’ll ask them questions about their life, about their scrapbooking, show off some of their creative endeavours and maybe even take a sneak peek into their crafty space!

Let’s get to know Alison.

Alison Day DT Headshot

Will you please start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Name: Alison Day

Where you’re from: I live in a little town called Ladner which is on the South Western most corner of the province of British Columbia, Canada. We are part of the Lower Mainland (i.e Vancouver for anyone not familiar with Canada! You know, where the 2010 Olympics were? Yep, there.)

A short bio: I’m married (going on 14 years) with three girls – 12, 10, and 7. I am currently a SAHM but due to recent home renovations, I’m looking for a part time job. Would love to be an Interior Designer one day! I have a mild need (okay, okay, pretty major need really) to make everything pretty and organized! I am Canadian but was born in England and consider myself Scottish. You figure that one out!! LOL! My maiden name is Campbell if that helps! When not in my Scrap Cave I can be found dreaming up new ways to knock down walls in my house, or driving my kids to dance/soccer/band/field hockey/swimming/etc, or reading a book, or drinking wine and watching TV with my husband. Okay, or playing Candy Crush and surfing Facebook! 😉

How long have you been a ScrapHappy member? How did you first hear about it? What do you love about it?

Since 2010 or 2011?? So long I can’t remember when I joined! I also can’t remember how I first heard about it. I’m pretty sure I joined after the first True Scrap so that’s probably how I heard about it. But how did I hear about True Scrap you ask? No idea! Web whispers we’ll call it! I love the support. Since we started the Facebook group that support has become even greater. But even before that, our discussion boards were hopping. We’d do swaps and challenges and then there is always LOAD to bring us all together. 🙂

When did you start scrapbooking?

in 2009. In a moment of third trimester insanity! LOL! True story! I had been working my way through an Interior Design certificate while my kids were small. In fact, kidlet #2 was born in the middle of my program. It’s a one year program which took me 5 because I could only do one course at a time. Anyway, kidlet #3 was due at the end of March which meant I couldn’t take a class that semester so with all my “free time” I decided to try scrapbooking. I’d had to do a page for my Dad’s 60th birthday and really liked it so it seemed like a natural creative outlet for me.

How did you get hooked on scrapbooking?

Because it’s awesome? No seriously, because I love to craft, because I love to take photos, because I love pretty paper. Always have! Before the dawn of email, I had a pretty wicked stationary collection! Now my paper collection is more of the 12×12 variety.

What was your style like when you started? How has it evolved?

It was pretty simplistic when I started. I didn’t have a ton of supplies so it was a lot of card stock, hand cut titles, and pre-made stickers. Oh, and I cut my photos into all sorts of crazy sizes! Yikes! Now I love my patterned paper, my Thickers, and my 4×6 photos! My style has evolved to become much more layered but is also (I hope) much more story focused. It used to be about fitting as many photos onto my double page spread as I could (I rarely did singles back then) and getting down the basics – who, what, where, when, why – but now I chose the best photo(s) that tell the story and don’t worry about the other 100 I took of that event.

What type of scrapping do you do now?

I do 12×12 layouts pretty much exclusively. Mostly single page spreads but I still do some double page layouts. I also make a lot of cards (I have an Etsy shop and I sell them at craft markets)
 I am Home by Alison Day

Chronological or Random or Other?

I scrap randomly – whatever moves me at the moment – but theoretically store them in chronological order. I say theoretically as I have stacks and stacks of layouts waiting to go into albums and most of my albums are in total disarray because I panic and just throw the layouts in page protectors to get them off the shelf. I’m sure no one can relate to that!! One day they will be perfectly arranged in chronological order!

How often do you scrap?

As often as I can! During LOAD I really do try to do it every day but outside of LOAD it is once or twice a week. But I’m usually working on something crafty every day – whether that is a card, a layout, or something else to sell at the markets.

Do you participate in LOAD? How many pages do you usually complete in a LOAD?

Yes! At least, I try!! How many layouts I complete totally depends on how busy the rest of my life is. Currently I am at home with my girls so I have been able to get most of the 28/29/31 layouts completed. But there have been LOAD’s when I’ve been working a ton or travelling where I only get 7 – 10 completed. It’s really a balancing act! And I try not to beat myself up over it. Any new layouts are a win in my book!

Do you have a scrapbook room/space? (If you’d like to share a pic, we’d love to see it!)

I do! I claimed our little office/den last summer and I affectionately call it my Scrap Cave. I have a YouTube tour if you’re interested.

What kinds of topics do you scrap, or enjoy scrapping the most?

With three active girls I normally scrapbook about them and their activities. But I also love to scrapbook about our travels and fun random everyday things we do.

What is your process?

I usually start with the photos. I look for what memories they spark and then scrapbook that story. If it’s a trip it’s pretty easy but I do like to have something other than “we went to XYZ museum today” type journaling. Once I know which photos and what the story is about I start to pick products. I start with paper and I chose papers in colours that either compliment the photos or play up the story and chose my other elements to do the same. Sometimes I use sketches but usually I let the photos tell me where they want to be on the page (that sounds a bit kooky I know) and go from there.

Do you ever get “scrapper’s block”? If so, how do you cure it?

Yes! All. The. Time! My best way to cure it is to organize my stash. Somehow sorting through and physically touching all my ‘stuff’ sparks my mojo again and I feel ready to get back at it.
Just Me at 40 by Alison Day

What is your favourite tool or embellishment?

I love my Big Shot. I have a Silhouette too and love that but my Big Shot is always there at my desk and I can easily cut a circle or whatnot out to quickly add to my page. As for favourite embellishment … probably enamel dots/gems. I love to add those as finishing touches on my pages.

Do you have a favourite scrapper, or someone you look up to?

It’s no secret that I have the biggest girl crush on Shimelle Lain. There I said it! I buy all her classes and want all her products. Perhaps you can see her influence in my style? Snort!! LOL!!

What helps you get more done?

Being organized. Having photos pre-printed. Keeping my adhesives stocked up. But mostly being organized. Being able to find exactly what I’m looking for within a few seconds helps immensely!

What do you love about your scrapbooking?

Oh man, what’s NOT to love? I’m a paper sniffer (that’s a thing, right?) so I love the paper. I love how it feels, how it cuts, and yes, how it smells. I know, I’m strange but I’m also one of those people who loves going into libraries and book stores just for the smell and feel of books! Being able to combine all that gorgeous paper with my photos and stories makes me feel a little bit like some of favourite authors – like I’m creating a masterpiece that people can read over and over again. Okay, that sounds super lofty! Really I just like to glue stuff together!!

Do you have a blog?

Sure do! I love for you to visit! Alison Day Designs

Any other thoughts I didn’t ask for but should have?

Scrapbooking can get kind of crazy if you let it. I’ve been there where I’ve gotten lost in all the gorgeous layouts online and thought mine would never stack up, but I had to learn to let that go. I’m creating layouts that tell my story and the story of my family, not someone else’s. So they will be gorgeous to those that are featured in it and at the end of the day, that’s what matters. Oh, and to have fun along the way!

Thank you Alison for being part of our Scrapper Showcase.

If you’d love to be featured next please let Alice know!

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