LOAD 1016 Day1 A Scrappy Buffet!

load-1016-icon_edited-1This exclusive to Scrap Happy members October LOAD challenge is always a feast.  Put on your best apron, grab your favorite scrappy tool & post your photo on the Flickr group “LOAD 1016” at https://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/

You will partake of our scrappy internet buffet, sampling new dishes and old favorites. All you can scrap, but please use a clean sheet of cardstock for each helping!  Every week will include a prompt for each of the following:  Your Secret Spice, Not Your Mama’s Recipe, Go for the Garnish, “Wet”Your Appetite, The Main Course, Choose Your Side, and For Dessert

Member blogs will be featured as the “Guest Chef”, along with other creative sites to add to your online resource list.

Day One will be a simple prompt to use “Your Secret Spice” on a page about you! The photo that you took in your apron will be perfect for this… what? You didn’t take an apron photo? That was the first item on this Scrappy Buffet! No worries, though. As any good chef knows, substitutions are allowed as needed. Choose another photo of yourself, then peek into your pantry (stash) & choose some of your favorite ingredients for this all-about-you page!

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