Words of Wisdom Day 10

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Welcome to Words of Wisdom.

Every day this month we are sharing our best scrappy advice. Don’t forget to see what’s up for tomorrow!

Words of Wisdom: Don't forget to get yourself into your photos and onto your pages. If you don't tell your story, who will? Lisa Hausmann

There can not be enough said about the motivating power of a supportive, engaging , and positive community of like-minded creators. April Swingler

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ScrapHappy is the home of the ScrapHappy family, a membership group for scrapbookers that want to have a bit of fun and do a bit… or a lot… of scrapbooking! There are many perks of membership:

ScrapHappy Membership includes a lot of perks! An online community, monthly happy hour event, monthly movie nights, monthly sketches, scrapper showcase, discount on classes, 3 LOAD (layout a day) challenges per year, annual reunion, swaps, challenges, inspiration and an awesome group of people who really love scrapbooking!

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