Movie Night April 2017

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

SH Movie NightHere’s the replay for our April Movie Night.

I selected a variety of videos to encompass our theme for the month of “Have You Ever?”

The videos:

The videos are from Missy Whidden, Jennifer McGuire, Tori Bissell, and Paige Evans. We didn’t watch the full videos for all of them, so if you’d like to catch the full videos they are included below, along with a couple of other recommendations.

Don’t forget you can suggest a video for us to watch next month. I’d love your suggestion. You can also re-watch some of our Scrapinars. There’s a link under the Members Only Tab.

Here’s the full replay:

Here are the full video clips we watched:

Missy Whidden: Shimmerz Shortz #86 Using a Palette Knife with Shimmerz

Jennifer McGuire Ink: Partial Heat Embossing

Tori Bissell: Scrap Your Scraps #33 -Happy Hearts (Mini Heart Punch)

Paige Evans: Process Video #44 – Watercoloring & Stitching

A couple of other recommendations:

Ellen Hutson LLC: Hello, Monday 04.03.2017

Tori Bissell: Most Meaningful Scrapbook Ever – xoxo Mini Album Share

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