Movie Night June 2017

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

SH Movie NightHere’s the replay for our June Movie Night.

The video:

We had a suggestion to feature a Glitter Girl video during movie night, so I chose one of Shimelle Laine’s recent process videos.

In our chat we talked about how watching this process video made us fall in love with the paper. How fabulous photos make scrapbooking easy.

Shimelle really focused on using  the pop of colour from the boots in the photo. Do you use the ‘Quart, Pint, Ounce’ colour theory for scrappy design?

Would you use pink on a boys page? Most of the mom’s of boys at our chat were willing to use pink on a boys page.

Several of us liked how Shimelle started her layout with the two wide strips of paper. It created a great foundation for the layout.

Branding strips… do you use them?

We chatted about adhesive options. Alice’s current fave is the new Glue Dots adhesive tape. Many gals love the ATG… but it seems you either love it or hate it!

Photo storage and retrieval. What option do you use?

White vs cream based papers? What do you use? What do you love? Will you mix them?

Trouble with the title. Shimelle really fussed over the title letters in the video. It was a bit painful to watch but it was kind of reassuring to see that even a pro like Shimelle can have issues too!

Do you use your Silhouette/Cricut/Cameo for titles? Alice confessed that she’s much too lazy, Shimelle had said the same thing in the video.

It was fun to see Shimelle do the finishing touches that completed the layout. Do you have an easy time finishing a page?

Shimelle’s stamping wasn’t perfect… Sue Carey suggested that this is the ‘rustic’ look… a thought we could all embrace!

Shimelle used a lot of design principles when applying her embellishments, which ones do you use?

Here’s the full replay:

Here is the full video clip we watched:

Shimelle Laine: You are a Joy: A Scrapbooking Process Video


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