Movie Night September 2017

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

SH Movie NightOur Movie Night for September was held on the 13th.

We discussed album organization and watched two video with ideas about getting albums organized.

The videos:

The first video was from a YouTuber known as Christy’s Beautiful Life. The video is called, “How I decide which layout goes into which albums.”

The second video is from Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper and it’s called, “Project Life and Library of Memories 2013”.

We chatted about whether or not our albums tell a story. We talked about chronological vs. theme based albums. We talked about the rules/lack of rules that we apply to our own albums.

ScrapHappy member Monica Moriak shared a recent ‘aha moment’ about a revelation she had when looking at photos from a recent trip to Mount Washington.

Alice mentioned that Jennifer Wilson describes her album process very nicely on an episode of the ScrapGals Podcast. The episode is #150: Crafting a Scrapbook Plan

Here’s the full replay:

Here are the full video clips we watched:

Christy’s Beautiful Life:

Jennifer Wilson:

We hope you’ll join us next month for our next Movie Night! If you have a scrappy video suggestion please email it to Alice [email protected]

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