LOAD 1017 Day 1

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

TopSecretWelcome, Scraphappy sistas, to LOAD 1017!

I hope you are ready for a daily dose of inspiration & the gift of creative time for yourself. Whether you follow every prompt, work on your 20+ year old child’s baby book, your most recent vacation or even “catch up” on your Project Life album, the “secret” to LOAD is in the daily making. Our sweet sisterhood is very generous with love in the gallery so be sure that you do your part!

Day One: I’ve got a secret…

day one

…avataruse a photo of yourself today and talk about your favorite feature.

It’s always fun to get to know each other a little bit at the beginning of LOAD, and it’s not nearly often enough that we are the star of our pages. Give us a little behind the scenes “secret” peek into what you consider your best physical feature or personality trait. If you have an avatar that you use please include it!

Thanks, Sue! Our lovely sista, Sue Walker Carey,

day one zue

graciously provided her own avatar to illustrate the prompt for today.

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Kathy McElfresh

LOAD1017 Day 1 Kathy McElfresh



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