LOAD 1017 Day 2

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

I’ve got a secret…

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…to successful adulting document how you stay organized

Are you a lister, a calendar or a planner girl? In my case, my phone is smarter than I am  about being organized! These days we can find a system  in any size, shape, pattern or configuration, complete with any coordinated accessory our little hearts might desire! Show us how you manage your life & hopefully inspire some of us to go beyond our good intentions & get things working more smoothly.


Featured Designer:

Natalie Schmidt

In order to explain my symbolism a little bit:
My Plan: page is more demure and everything snaps to a grid (other than the alarm clock). Analog clock elements are legible.
My Reality: page is chaotically colourful and elements are arranged haphazardly (do not snap to a grid) and all arranged upon a stormy/unsettled base. Clock is jumbled and all mixed up.
LOAD1017 Day 2 Natalie Schmidt 3
LOAD1017 Day 2 Natalie Schmidt 1
LOAD1017 Day 2 Natalie Schmidt 2


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