LOAD 1017 Day 3

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Day Three: I’ve got a secret…


…about boys – document an important male relationship in your life

Dad, brother, buddy or Grandpa, giving a shout-out to the men in our life gives us the chance to use some of our more masculine stash or perhaps have a rummage through a box of childhood photos for inspiration.

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Gwen Dapper

When I got this prompt, I really thought about what relationship I wanted to share. I thought about doing my son and his grammy.  I thought about me and my dad.  In the end, I wanted to document one of the most important boy / girl relationships I have.  The relationship I have with my son.  He is my absolute favorite person, outside of my husband.  Thanks to being a stay at home mom, I really get to spend quality time with my boy every day.  But this summer, I decided not to stay home and send him to day camps.  I decided to get in the car and drive!

This summer we traveled all over the United States.  We took a three week road trip from the Bay Area of California, across 80 through Utah and Colorado, then up through Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I showed my son where I grew up, and we met many of my childhood friends.  On the way home, we met up with my husband and drove back over 90 and saw National Parks galore.

During that time, I learned so much about my 9 year-old.  He loves pop music!  Who knew!  Imagine Dragons Believer became his favorite song, and I had to purchase Now That’s What I Call Music so we could listen to his favorites.  He loves watching the same movie, over and over and over…  We bought Pokemon cards, and found lots of new Pokemon Go Pokemon.  He still loves it when I read to him at night.  We talked and told stories, ate lots of junk food, and took 3,000 pictures!

When we got back from our trip, we still had adventures, just not as exciting.  We went to the movies, drank Slurpees, and made faces in our selifes to send to daddy.  We also found the best rainbow, which I managed to place perfectly behind us!

I am so grateful that we decided not to stay home.  I’m so grateful that my son still likes me.  I so grateful that we are best friends!

LOAD1017 Day 3 Gwen Dapper


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