LOAD 1017 Day 5

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith

Day Five: I’ve got a secret…


…favorite foodinclude a recipe. In my book, a recipe can be as simple as 1 graham cracker broken in half, 1/2 Hershey chocolate bar (sorry, Lynnette!) & a burnt marshmallow layered together to form a s’more. It’s fun to apply the recipe concept to our pages, too, so although this is a food-centered prompt I have included an optional scrap recipe well.

Blank White Index Card (Isolated)

Don’t forget your apron!

Featured Designer:

Claire Cummings

My secret here is the vegetables I used to hide in our food. The kids didn’t like them for a while… I just used to dump leftover bags of salad (lettuce/cabbage/carrot) into the pot. So there’s no recipe.  I used an Instagram post for my pics, because my day to day photos are generally there! I enjoyed cutting up Project life cards for this. Also – my letters weren’t the right colour, so I coloured them with a brush marker Sharpie. It’s permanent so I didn’t worry about it rubbing off the glitter.  Not much journaling required for this!

LOAD1017 Day 5 Claire Cummings


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