LOAD 1017 Day 6

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith

Day Six: I’ve got a secret…


…pasta school memory

It might be your own story, or a child – young or adult. Of course if the prompt brought another story to mind, go for it!

Featured Designer:

Briel Schmitz

I decided to open up my school album and dive back in. I don’t think that I’ve worked on it for about 10 years! EEK.  Anyway, as I think you know I work in a school and I have for 26 years. I have documented that journey in scrapbooks. I have two double-page spreads for each year. One double-page spread is about class photos/school photos/group photos. Then, the second two-pager I have other memories, ephemera or cards. So, here I am share a super simple two pager for 2005-2006.  I take two papers (usually school related-good way to use up theme paper!) and cut at about 3.5 inches. Then I tape it together and add a trim to the seam (here it is washi tape). I stamp the year and add the photos.  This is simple, I know but I thought that people might like seeing an easy way to document a school year.

LOAD1017 Day 6 Briel Schmitz 1

LOAD1017 Day 6 Briel Schmitz 2

LOAD1017 Day 6 Briel Schmitz 3



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