Movie Night October 2017

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

SH Movie NightOur Movie Night for October was held on the 10th.

We discussed photography.

There is NO REPLAY of our movie night. I apologize, I didn’t press record.  🙁

The videos:

The first video was a TED talk. The Passing of Time Caught in a Single Photo – Stephen Wilkes

We chatted about how our photos tell stories, and how we use photos to tell stories that are not about the photos.

Using his Day to Night technique Stephen Wilkes captures the story of a day, and we chatted about how we can do the same thing with a project like Day in the Life.

We talked about how our pages/layouts/photos tell stories about time. Now and Then layouts are a great way to capture a change of time.

We talked about the act of sharing, and how it can be more important than the experience itself, as evidenced by photos of everyone taking selfies of them at places/doing things.

The second video is 5 Quick Tips to Take Better Photos with Your Smartphone by Corel Discovery Centre.

  1. Your camera can do more than you think.
  2. Forget about the zoom. (Digital zoom, just don’t use it!)
  3. Try not to use the flash.
  4. Clean the lens.
  5. Pick your filters wisely.

The third video is How to Take Great Photos with Your Smartphone – Stephen Hamilton Photo.

By doing just a few simple things Stephen Hamilton was able to show us that a little bit of detail can make a photo much better. We talked about how it’s easier to scrapbook good photos and when you have a great photo you want to scrapbook it.


We hope you’ll join us next month for our next Movie Night! If you have a scrappy video suggestion please email it to Alice [email protected]

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