LOAD 1017 Day 12

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Day Twelve: I’ve got a secret…

Shoes…guilty pleasure – it’s okay, we won’t tell!

Leslie took awhile to settle on her page for this one.

“The thing that should make me feel guilty but doesn’t is the amount of quiet thinking time I have been having lately. From the outside looking in it appears that I am idle, while dust & laundry & meals clamor. On the contrary, I’m having a season of quiet reflection & stillness, which is actually quite strenuous in a spiritual way. I’m truly enjoying the luxury of this indulgence.

My page was supposed to include a huge array of clock embellishments & follow a sketch including a selfie. Printer is down & product inspired a whole new direction which I am very happy with. Does that ever happen to you?!? Enjoy the prompt – can’t wait to see what you create!” (Oops! I noticed an extra “and” after I posted.)



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