LOAD 1017 Day 14

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Day Fourteen: I’ve got a secret…


…musical gift – these are about as much as I am capable of!

Featured Designer:

Sue Carey

I don’t really have a secret musical gift as music has been a part of my entire life. My parents were both musicians so I grew up in a musical household and began performing when I was young. I married a man with musical gifts and my sons were raised to develop the gifts they were given. They have far exceeded us, as they are both professional musicians in different capacities. Their musical gifts are also more abundant than ours. When I got the prompt, I instantly had the idea to twist the prompt and showcase our very visible musical gifts. I thought of a grid and then twisted that up a little bit, too. I used my favorite supply, spray inks, to create an understated grid background with each us having a different color, then stamped the title Scrabble-like with my new Ali Edwards letter stamps and filled in the rest. This layout tells the story of what we’ve done and who we are, up to today.

LOAD1017 Day 14 Sue Carey


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