LOAD 1017 Day 16

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Day Sixteen: I’ve got a secret…


…to success – document something you are proud of accomplishing.

Featured Designer:

Kim Gray

The secret and success was that I was very apprehensive (dreading) about driving into the city of Pittsburgh to the William Penn Hotel for a very elegant family wedding. It was Homecoming weekend for my Granddaughter, so my daughter could not take us. After a detour that my GPS couldn’t work out and my phone dying in the meantime we finally made it without a major problem. I am so glad she got to go and enjoy this. She had lived with her sister for 17 years and Aunt Diane passed away about 4 years ago, she was very close to her son and daughter and grandchildren. She has lived with my husband and I for the last 3 yrs and live about an hour away from family and friends (which. and she doesn’t say what she wants to do but I knew she wanted to go…I am so glad I was able to take her we had a marvelous time it just went so quick I can imagine how fast it went for the bride and groom.

LOAD1017 Day 16 Kim Gray

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