LOAD 1017 Day 19

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Day Nineteen: I’ve got a secret…

bucket list

…escape document your bucket list

Featured Designer:

Kathy McElfresh

For this prompt I chose to focus on the top entry in my too-full bucket list. Shanghai is my mother’s birthplace and it’s a place that’s always intrigued me and represented far-away lands and exotic adventures. I’ve almost been there on business — even had my tickets in hand in 2001 — but I never made it there. I’ve told a longer story about my mom and her big life in the hidden journaling attached to the tab behind the large photo. I used photos from the era of my mom’s youth — 1920-1942 and included two photos of subjects she used in her art from that period. The dogwoods evoke memories of two jade dogwood trees she brought from China — the ones I always had to dust on her dresser. This page is truly a trip down memory lane as well as a statement of intent to visit Shanghai!

LOAD1017 Day 19 Kathy McElfresh


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