LOAD 1017 Day 21

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

I’ve got a secret…


…garden – use a photo taken out of doors for your page today!

Featured Designer:

Daniela Messingschlager

The title is “In the Garden” and it is about my husband Dieter and his love for gardening.
He constantly redesigns and has a list of projects he wants to do like: a pond, a bigger pond, a sitting space, a fireplace…
I am responsible for the fruit and vegetable patch and I am supposed to keep the weeds under control.
Why do weeds grow faster than plants? I can’t keep up with weeding and so our garden is a secret garden, because it is hidden beneath a jungle of weeds most of the year.
The journalling reads “Dieter likes to be in our garden. He constantly redesigns it and though I am a bit sceptical at times, the result of his projects is awesome.
Unfortunately the weeds grow faster than the plants and I cannot keep up with weeding. As a result you can often not see our wonderful garden, but we still enjoy it and like to sit by the fireplace.”

LOAD1017 Day 21 Daniela Messingschlager

LOAD1017 Day 21 Daniela Messingschlager detail


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