LOAD 1017 Day 23

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

I’ve got a secret…


…love – tell about something you have dreamed of doing with your life but have never acted to make it happen. You might reveal if you would do it if you could possibly make it happen today.

Featured Designer:

Leslie Smith

Leslie has a page from this past summer that illustrates her lifelong desire to be an interior decorator.

“I have been moving furniture around & painting & decorating my rooms my entire life, but when it came time to decide on a college major I never pursued it. I still find great pleasure in revamping our living space & enjoying the eye candy in home decor. A move into a new home last year has given me a chance to rethink our decor & it took awhile before I had inspiration beyond the furniture. I finally realized that when I see cool things in shops that catch my eye, I am really thinking of stockpiling them for “future clients” rather than for myself. That epiphany has saved me a lot of money over the years!

My page is about remodeling our master closet. I know! I. Just. Cant. Stop.”

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