LOAD 1017 Day 24

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

I’ve got a secret…


…handshake – document a family tradition or an inside joke.

Featured Designer:

Sue Carey

When I received this prompt, I thought of a family tradition that is also an inside joke. So I was all over this prompt and the opportunity to tell the story of our Christmas Eve charades. It’s a wild time that goes fast. We take turns giving the clues and the rest of us guess. Because it’s so fast-paced, each person does three cards before sitting down and yielding to the next person. One photo shows the pile of cards on the floor, because the rule is to grab your card, act out the clue, then drop it on the floor while you grab the next card. It’s crazy! I wanted to scrap this tradition and went right to my photos, only to find that with the frenetic pace, I hadn’t taken any photos of us actually playing. Scrap emergency! I texted my sons who live on opposite coasts of the US, explained that I was again a featured designer for LOAD and needed photos pronto! Had anyone taken any? #sonstotherescue One of them had taken a video of us and passed his phone back and forth between brothers so that all of us got on the video! I asked Google how to get stills from a video, bought an app, and got these photos. So even though they are a little grainy and not excellent, they are action shots and I got to tell the story of our wacky tradition.

LOAD1017 Day 24 Sue Carey


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