LOAD 1017 Day 27

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

I’ve got a secret…

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…passion – the thing that really drives you. Find an exuberantly artistic way to communicate the feeling.

Featured Designer:
Roxanne Humenik (RoxRox26)
The prompt for today had me thinking for quite a while about what I am passionate about and something I have always wanted to do.  My mind went immediately to places I eventually want to travel to, but as I reflected more about what is really important to me right now, I came to social justice, teaching, researching, and clinical supervision.  Hence, the focus of my layout is about my long standing desire to obtain my doctorate degree.  I would absolutely love to apply to University of Southern California’s Doctorate Program at their School of Social Work.  It’s an on-line cohort program that also required yearly travel to campus for programming and onsite instruction.  The recruitment folks call me every 6-12 months to see when I am going to apply and I always delay it.  For this layout, I googled some campus pictures of USC and used an older collection of BoBunny papers to give it an academic feel.  As a get older, it seems more unlikely that I will pursue this level of education.  The cost and time involved vs. what I would gain.  Still it is enduring dream of mine!
LOAD1017 Day 27 Roxanne Humenik
Journaling: Since 1998, when I was in graduate school for my Master of Social Work, I dreamed of continuing my education and pursuing my PhD.  Its something I have always intended to do – my passion for students, research, clinical supervision, and social justice.  Twenty years later it is still my dream.  ❤

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