LOAD 1017 Day 30

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

I’ve got a secret…

30 Password

…password – the subject is technology. The ultimate love/hate relationship is what most of us have with our devices. Find a clever way to document that, perhaps in a Dear Smartphone letter!

Featured Designer:

Sue Carey

When I got this prompt, I decided that since it involved technology I should try a digital layout. I have used the Project Life app for quite a while but have always wanted to learn Photoshop Elements. I kept saying I needed a couple weeks to dedicate blocks of time each day to learning. But since that never happened I decided I needed to adjust my thinking. The mini-LOAD in summer inspired me to finally try the Digital Project Life templates and learn some basic skills. Then this month’s LOAD inspired me to work through our ScrapHappy Sister Melissa Shanhun’s “Digital Scrapbooking for Absolute Beginners”. She gave us a discount during May LOAD and I purchased it and let it sit, waiting for that huge block of time. I worked a little each day earlier in the month and learned tons. So I feel confident enough to use most templates and have even made a page from scratch. It’s so nice to start using all the free digital elements I’ve saved up over several years for that mystical time when I start scrapping digital. So just like my reading page featured here, I have a foot in both worlds. Digital scrapping will never replace paper for me, just like my kindle will never replace real books. But digital scrapping and my kindle both have a place in my life and I can embrace all these facets of my life.

LOAD1017 Day 30 Sue Carey


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