LOAD 1017 Day 31

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

I’ve got a secret…

creativity by Zue

…to creativity – featuring Sue Carey’s 2017 vision board.

LOAD is a great secret to creativity! I hope this month has blessed you, stretched you, challenged & maybe even stumped you a time or two. It’s kind of a tradition around here to do a wrap-up photo of your pile of pages & post it in the gallery – you can even use it for this prompt. Hope you’ve had a great month with the sistas!


Featured Designer:

Alice Boll

For this layout I chose to focus on where inspiration is found in my life. It’s not in the perfect details, it seems to always be found in the chaos of life.

LOAD1017 Day 31 Alice Boll

LOAD1017 Day 31 Alice Boll detail


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