Movie Night November 2017

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

SH Movie NightOur Movie Night for November was held on the 14th..

There is NO REPLAY of our movie night. I apologize, I didn’t press record.  🙁

Yes, that’s twice in a row. I’m sorry!

November BINGO Challenge

We started this movie night with info about our November scrappy BINGO challenge. You can find all of the info HERE.

The videos:

The first video was from Jennifer McGuire, Repeated Stamping with Masking, and she was showing off masking with stamps. We watched her create the first card.

We loved the masking technique and how she used the post-it’s that are sticky on the whole sheet. It was also neat to see her do the embossing twice on the silver star to make the embossing thicker and smoother.

You can do masking without a platform. Alice has a post about it here: Masking with Stamps  Bonus… there’s an old video of Alice on this page. Oh my!

The second video was from Melinda Greer, October LO Share, we watched three short sections of this video, focusing on three of the layouts she shared. You’re going to want to watch all of it, but these are the sections we chatted about.

4:18  hidden pocket journaling and using alphas for texture.
We loved how Melinda used the multicoloured Thickers as an accent. These can be so hard to use and this makes a beautiful accent on the layout.
15:15 the circles of vellum and hidden pocket tag.
When Melinda revealed the hidden journaling it was like magic! The page is so gorgeous and we loved that it has so much story included on the tag that was hiding so cleverly.
17:35 all the thickers on the background.
 This is such a great way to finish off a set of Thickers, I’m pretty sure Jenny McGee’s sample layout for LOAD1017 also used a ton of Thickers in a creative way. It’s also a great way to use Thickers that have fallen off the sheet to the bottom of the package, something we all get frustrated by! Jeanette suggested that if you have multi-coloured letters and want all of them to be the same colour you can paint them!

The third video is from Inkie Quill, Best Ever Grab 5 Scrapbooking Process Video.

We loved the smooshing, doodling, using stencil and paint. We all were surprised to hear that she’d made 6 albums of her wedding photos! Wow!


Don’t forget our November ScrapHappy sketch will be available on November 15!


We hope you’ll join us next month for our next Movie Night! If you have a scrappy video suggestion please email it to Alice [email protected]

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