Movie Night January 2018

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

SH Movie NightOur Movie Night for January was held on the 10th. Our focus of today was the One Little Word project.

We watched a couple of videos from Ali Edwards and her past projects and her prep of her album for 2018.

I chose this topic for January as I’d posted a question in our Facebook group about One Little Word and what you were setting for your intention for 2018. We had a LOT of response. Here’s a link to that post so it’s easy to revisit.

Facebook One Little Word Post

one little word 2018

I asked you to share links to blog posts you may have shared about OLW in the past on this post too.

We also decided it would be great to do a monthly check-in for our progress on our word. Look for monthly posts in our Facebook group! 🙂


Some things you may wish to think about for your word, as mentioned by Ali in her videos. 

  • reason you chose the word
  • definition/thesaurus
  • what are you trying to invite into your life this year?
  • letter to yourself
  • looking at your word through photography
  • looking at your word through writing and reflection
  • looking at your word through collage, meditate on your word while you create
  • what do you want more of, or less of?
  • what do you want to take action on?
  • quotes
  • song lyrics
  • what is this chapter of life like?
  • struggles
  • celebrations
  • pace of life?
  • facts and feelings in saying goodby to your word
  • document your experience with your word


Some thoughtful things she said:

the work of becoming yourself

it’s the journey not the destination

progress not perfection

life is made of stories


If you chose to take her class you can find it here:

Ali Edwards One Little Word


Replay video:


The videos:
One Little Word: Album Walk Throughs 2011-2017

One Little Word: 2018 Album Set Up

We hope you’ll join us next month for our next Movie Night! If you have a scrappy video suggestion please email it to Alice [email protected]



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