LOAD1018 Day 20

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Show of the Day: Into the Woods (1987)

Into the Woods contains music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, who drew on feelings from his troubled childhood for some of the characterizations. The show combines several well-known fairy tales with common themes: parents and children, growing up, communal responsibility, and wishes and their consequences. The main characters of Cinderella, Jack, the Baker and his Wife, and Little Red Riding Hood all have wishes that seem to come true in Act 1, but in Act 2 they are still wishing for things and then must come together to face an outside threat. It was nominated for ten Tony Awards and was able to win three in an awards year dominated by The Phantom of the Opera.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBiJ5tgeH84 (original cast performs at Tony Awards, except Bernadette Peters, the original Witch, had left the cast by the Tony’s and her replacement, Phylicia Rashad of The Cosby Show fame, is shown here)

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Featured Designer:

Our featured designer today is Rita Tong.

When I first read through the prompt for today, nothing sprang immediately to mind, so I flicked through my printed photos. When I came across the one of my family meeting my Mum at Heathrow Airport, I knew what I wanted to do for the story part of the prompt. And, as I almost always use sketches when creating a layout, it didn’t take me long to find a sketch on my Pinterest board that would work (see following link  https://pin.it/divwgyuihtmhq7 ). I hadn’t seen my Mum in person since moving to the UK from New Zealand nine years ago, and so while I am extremely grateful for technology (Skype and email), I can absolutely say, I wish my mum lived closer!



Be sure to LOAD up your layout to the Flickr gallery by midnight Pacific time. Leave some love on the layouts in the gallery and if you’re sharing your layouts on social media use the hashtags #load1018 or #layoutaday

Happy scrapping!



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