Telling the Stories You Haven’t Thought Of

What do February, May, one week in August and October have in common? Nope it isn’t that they all have weekends. It is the fact the during each of these times there is a group of women trying to scrap a page a day. This is called Lay Out A Day or LOAD.

LOAD is a great time to tell the stories that we want to tell but also there is so much inspiration to tell the stories that you might not even think of telling. Each LOAD has a theme and then daily prompts and daily techniques. These can be used or you can do your own thing, just get those pages done.

Here are some of my favorites:

Legends of Hollywood LOAD 517 – Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. This page was inspired by the prompt: Magic mirror on the wall! What would you like the mirror to tell you about yourself?


Scrapbook your Life: Upclose and Personal – LOAD 516 This page was inspired by the prompt: What makes you feel confident or courageous?


Come join us during our next LOAD in February 2019. You have the option of joining The ScrapHappy membership group or just participating the LOAD event. I hope to see you there!

Hello my name is Dietra Kessel.  I have been a member of the ScrapHappy membership group since 2013.  I live in Casper, Wyoming with my Husband and Son.  I enjoy creative retreats and meeting new people from around the world.  The Scraphappy membership group has made this a reality.

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