Little Lamb Layout

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Do you have a sweet animal photo that you’ve been wanting to scrapbook? I was inspired to scrapbook my sweet baby lamb photo when I took the layout a day challenge.

LOAD518 All About Meme brought daily inspiration from internet memes.

On the 29th the prompt was inspired by the internet meme known as “All Dogs Go to Heaven”. The premise of this meme is that there are two churches arguing over whether or not dogs go to heaven and have a soul, through their church signs. This meme was created as an internet joke, and it’s not actually based on real church signs.


The prompt:

Let’s scrap about pets, faith or your outlook on life.




I had a great time herding the lambs at the Henning’s. This baby lamb was kind of shaggy and it was trying to suck on my finger – oh my goodness – so cute! It made me so happy!



Now it’s your turn! How can you use this prompt to create a layout?

Alice Boll.


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