How to Prepare for a LOAD Challenge

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Are you ready to take the LOAD (layout a day) Challenge?

Here are 5 tips that will help you be ready for a month of scrapbooking!

1. Scrappy space. Try to start with a clean desk! Things are going to be busy this month, so if you can start with a fresh workspace that will set you up for success. If you’re a digi scrapper you can take a few minutes to clear your desktop too!

It will also be very helpful if you have an area you don’t need to pack up every day. (This isn’t necessary, but can be helpful!)

Don’t forget to upload a practice photo ahead of time so you’ll be familiar with how to do that, and if you’ll be using your phone app, update it, so everything works smoothly.


2. Adhesive. If you’re paper scrapping the only thing most people run out of is adhesive. Check yours now, and keep a spare handy!

Digi gals… make sure you have somewhere to store those layouts! We all know the frustration of running low on hard drive space… ouch!! Don’t let this happen to you in the middle of LOAD!


3. Food. There will be days where time is at a premium. If you have a couple of back up plans for meals it can really help you out of a tight spot!

Some gals like to make a casserole or two for in the freezer, Alice likes to prepare some meatballs to freeze… they’re good with everything! 😉

You may also want to plan to order in a couple of nights this month, or share the cooking duties with other family members.

If you’re really ambitious, a meal plan for the month can set you up for success by freeing up meal planning time so you can spend all of your time scrapbooking.


4.  Photos. It’s good to have some photos ready to go! If you plan on printing on demand be sure to have extra ink and paper ready too! It’s fun to see how the prompts fit with many different types of photos, so be prepared for a few fun surprises!

Be prepared for a new way of approaching your scrapbooking. Often during LOAD you’ll find a photo that fits, not necessarily the perfect photo. This can CHANGE the way you scrapbook in such a great way! Don’t let yourself get paralyzed searching for the perfect photo… besides… you’re on a deadline!


5. Scrapbook supplies. As sad as it is, you probably don’t have to do more shopping for LOAD! (But we won’t stop you if you want to!) You’ll be using your stash of scrappy supplies, so this is the perfect time to pull out a couple of things that inspire you. Is there a stamp set you’ve been wanting to use? A new tool? A beautiful paper just waiting to be turned into a layout? Keep them at your fingertips and challenge yourself to put them to good use!

Many of our scrappers suggest putting together a kit of supplies, so that you can scrapbook faster! You can also use a digital app like the Project Life app for a quick page too!


Above all remember to just go with the flow! Inevitably you’ll be faced with a prompt that stumps you. One tip is to look at the prompt a few hours before you need to scrap, so the ideas have time to percolate.

Whatever happens, remember, the goal is to create a layout a day… the prompts are there to add extra fun, you don’t have to use them!

Above all… be kind to yourself. If you make an imperfect page, or you miss a deadline look at the big picture. Are  you creating layouts? Are you scrapbooking your stories? Are you having fun? These are the important things!


What are your best tips for LOAD prep? Be sure to share them in the comments!


Happy scrapping Loadster!







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