LOAD1019: T.Hanks a Lot Day 1

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Day 1:


Day 1: Bosom Buddies: tv series (1980-82) 

Kip and Henry, two young studs working for a New York ad agency, come home to find their apartment building being demolished. Amy, the receptionist, convinces them to move in to her complex. The problem is that it’s a complex for women only. But the rent is cheap. To get the low-rent joint, all they have to do is dress in drag. Enter Buffy and Hildegarde, aka Kip and Henry. 

Story: Tell a story about something that was a “drag”. 

Technique: “Dress up” your layout with some feminine details.

Featured Layout:

Our featured designer is:

April Swingler. 

“I couldn’t think of a story that was a “drag” so I thought maybe I’d make a Halloween page about dressing up like Kip and Henry, then I remembered that last year I dressed to match my new lawn dragon. Get it? DRAGon.
I dressed up my layout with lots of bling; a glitter title, a black glitter lace frame, and googly eyeballs for fun. 

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