LOAD1019: T.Hanks a Lot Day 21

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Day 21


Day 21: The Terminal: 2004 The Terminal… great for travel, getting stranded, feeling stuck. Use strands of fibres, or ribbons or sewing.

Story: Life is a journey, not just a destination. In The Terminal Tom Hanks’ character is stuck, but finds beauty in every day. Scrap about a time when the journey was more important than the destination.

Technique: Tom Hanks’ character was stranded with only the items in his carry-on bag. Your challenge is to only use the items leftover from your last layout!

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Mary Makinen

I have certainly been stranded in airports and once overnight, but what stood out for me was being stranded in a foreign country.  I chose my trip to Holland which had us “stranded” more than once.  It was a fantastic, once in a lifetime trip and we learned to laugh often and to laugh hard, whether we were stranded on the train, stranded without a place to sleep, or lost walking to our next destination.  We spent our down time looking around at all the new and exciting sites even while tired and dragging our suitcases.  Everything was new and wonderful, and we just kept going.  

Technique:  Because I was doing this right after Day 15, I chose to use the left-over papers from that day and added some ribbon.  The words already printed on the bottom of the paper “Off On An Adventure”, captured the entire trip.  Take what could be bad and turn it into an Adventure.


My friend and I arrived in Holland to stay with her cousins.  When we arrived they no longer could  accommodate  us.  We were stranded with nowhere to go and no way to get there.  Luckily, after walking for miles, dragging our suitcases, we were able to stay in a  hostel.   We learned to laugh quickly to keep from spoiling our vacation and eventually another cousin stepped up to take us in. We had a grand time and  this set of cousins drove us to the train station every morning and we went on adventures.  Some days they drove us to their favorite places.   One day my friend and I disagreed on which train to take.  I finally bowed to her expertise, as she had been to Holland previously.  We ended up stranded at the end of the line.  The doors and windows locked after a couple of minutes and as we had been running from car to car, we found ourselves locked into different cars.  I thought I would bust a gut laughing at my friend, who was frantic.  FINALLY, a man walked by and waved at us as we beat on the windows.  He turned out to be the conductor walking to the other end of the train to take it in the other direction.    We ended up going where we were supposed to.   

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