LOAD1019: T.Hanks a Lot Day 30

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Day 30


Day 30: Tom Hanks: Producer: Tom Hanks is a producer on lots of movies, such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, City of Ember, and Where the Wild Things Are. He’s helping to produce other people’s stories, and realize their dreams.

Story: Tell a story about how you’ve helped others realize their dreams/goals, or how someone has helped you.

Technique: Produce/create your own embellishment or cluster for your page.

Featured Layout:

Our featured designer is:

Claire Cummings

I apologise in advance if you feel the pictures are too graphic – I made the gross picture small so as not to offend. Being a scrapbooker, I took a photo every day of my leg when I was in hospital (7 weeks), much like that selfie app. A leggie a day – much to the amusement of the nursing staff.

Anyway – when I received the prompt of who/what had helped you or made a difference in your life or had YOU made a difference, I wanted to go down a different track but of COURSE I couldn’t find the items I needed. I really must sort out my photos and ephemera. 

This layout is perfect for the prompt though. I do not have a photo of Trere and didn’t want to steal one off her Facebook page, so I used her business logo.

Ladies, my white rub ons are Making Memories circa 2003 and they WORKED.

I used my Minc to foil the heart sticker and stars – I was going to foil some letter stickers – no I DID foil the stickers but cannot get them off the Minc carrier sheet now. They really were not sticky, but apparently heating adhesive gives it a boost.

Oh – and my Heidi Swapp circle stickers about sports were perfect, funnily enough.

I dictated my journaling into the Project Life app and printed the journaling cards. SO much easier – I had a lot to say and my writing would have been too large.

Thanks for looking 

We only have a couple of days left so help your fellow Loadsters reach the finish with a little love on those layouts!

Be sure to upload your layout to Flickr by midnight Pacific time.

If you’re also sharing on social media you can use the hashtags: #load1019 #scraphappyfamily #layoutaday

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