ScrapSmarter February 2020 Creative Cutouts and Stamps

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Class: Creative Cutouts with Stamps

Instructor: Sam Adams from This Messy Desk 

February 20, 2020 Sam Adams from This Messy Desk taught us how to have a lot of fun mixing die cuts and stamping. 


  • Try different colour schemes to work with your photos, multicoloured or monochromatic.
  • Use your larger stamps first.
  • Stamp with words or images.
  • Use smaller stamps to fill the gaps.
  • Don’t worry about imperfections, that’s part of stamping.
  • Use foam to pop up the top layer of the page.
  • Add extra details around the shapes such as sewing, hand stitching, hand drawn stitching.

Bonus Ideas:

  • Cover some of the cutout areas with vellum.
  • Turn some cut out areas into shakers.
  • Fill the background with other materials such as sequins or photos.

Video Replay with Q&A:

Just the Class:

Find Sam online:


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